“HEdpAY is one of the first projects connecting traditional bank and the crypto universe,”

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HEDPAY in brief intro !

HEDPAY's objective is to make the traditional banking market leaner, faster, more efficient and at the same time, to better regulate the crypto or digital assets market, making it safer and intuitive by all consumers, even people less familiar with the technology, HEDPAY’s mission to bridge the gap between traditional banks and crypto finance that uses blockchain technologies, to become the future banking solution.


HEdpAY e-banking is an innovative banking solution, aiming to provide fast and convenient solutions for banking and FinTech, to businesses and consumers alike. This is the future banking solution to FIAT and Crypto transactions on the go, ATM, POS and Online accounts

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Take advantage of HEdpAY’s Ethereum based wallet that is ERC-223 & ERC-20 compatible and allows you to deposit and retain other Crypto and Fiat currencies, both with their own private keys.

Need cash? Withdraw from your HEdpAY wallet onto your unique HEdpAY card, and withdraw from any ATM in the world. “



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Instant withdrawals to your HEdpAY account, wallet and card all within one platform, saving you time and reducing costs (starts Q2 2019)

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