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The Hedpay platform is suitable for all types of users, including those less familiar with digital finance or technology.


The Hedpay App allows for worldwide transfers, letting you exchange everywhere and anytime with low fees.


Hedpay offers its community the possibility to invest in its token and generate income.

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The Hedpay MC Wallet is an innovative, proprietary, and decentralized finance application based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The wallet supports Bitcoin and is compatible with all ERC-20 coins.

According to the decentralized “Cryptocurrency” Blockchain Technology, all Hedpay MC Wallets have unique private KEYs and addresses which are safely and securely held in an encrypted database.

Our Tokens

There are two kinds of tokens

Utility Token

HEdpAY (Hdp.Φ) used within operations and transactions that gain value by adoption and volume. They are limited to 1,000,000,000 Hdp.Φ

Equity or Security Token

HEdpAY (Hdp.Φ) are issued and hedged to the equity shares of the company as Class C shares gaining value based on the company’s capital and volume of trade. A special Hedpay Gold Coin will be presented as a special edition 33.3 grams of pure 995 gold with a unique serial number which will hold a value of 999  Hdp.Φ