Trade Hdp.ф and Win at

HDP (HEdpAY) listed on WIN.ONE exchange.
WIN.ONE will open trading pair
for HDP / ETH trading pair.

Dear HEdpAY users:

Deposit available: 2019/01/22 15:00 (GMT+8)
Trade available: 2019/01/23 15:00 (GMT+8)
Withdrawal available: 2019/01/30 15:00 (GMT+8) 

Introduction to HDP Candy drop

To celebrate HDP (HEdpAY) being listed on WIN.ONE, we have committed a total of 100,000 HDP together with the HEdpAY Team in prizes to give away to our users worldwide! 

Activity one :

HDP Trading Competiton, 80,000 HDP To Win

Activity time:

2019.1.23 15:00–2019.1.30 15:00 (GMT+8)


All users who trade HDP on the WIN.ONE exchange will be ranked during this activity based on the net volume .

Activity Award:

The total award for the HDP trading competition is 80,000 HDP, and the top 20 users will receive the following awards:

TOP 1 –  20,000 HDP (basic net trading volume ≥ 40,000 HDP)
TOP 2 –  15,000 HDP (basic net trading volume ≥ 30,000 HDP)
TOP 3 – 6,000 HDP  (basic net trading volume ≥12,000 HDP)
TOP 4-  5,000 HDP  (basic net trading volume ≥ 10,000 HDP)
TOP 5 – 4,000 HDP  (basic net trading volume ≥ 8,000 HDP)
TOP 6~10 –   3,000 HDP per person (basic net trading volume ≥ 6,000 HDP)
TOP 11~20 – 1,500 HDP per person (basic net trading volume ≥ 4,000 HDP)

 Note: Calculation formula of net trading volume: (buying volume – selling volume, excluding self-transaction) /10.

The traders’ HDP net trading volume needs to reach the basic net trading volume in order to get the full award of the activity. 

Activity two :

Airdrop activity! 20,000 HDP to give away!

Activity time:

2019.1.25 15:00–2019.1.30 15:00 (GMT+8)


During the activity, the top 2000 new users who registered WIN.ONE and completed the advanced verification will receive 10 HDP airdrop awards. At this time, the award is locked and displayed on my account–wallet–HDP.

Within 7 days after the HDP is listed, the user can unlock the airdrop award after the accumulating the HDP purchase amount exceeds 100 HDP in the HDP/ETH trading market. If the purchase amount is not reached within 7 days, it is deemed to automatically give up the airdrop award.

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